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Clients and designers need to build a relationship - it's as much about how we work together as it is about work itself. We suggest a face-to-face meeting so we might get to know one another.

This complimentary meeting gives us the information we'll need to consult with you about your project, and to develop your estimate. In this electronic age, a phone call is a nice change, but email is faster, so choose whichever you prefer. We can set up a discovery meeting at no charge to talk about your project, and see if we “fit."

Take a look at our design packages. We offer flat rates for projects such as logos, stationery systems, brochures, and websites designed using CMS platforms. Nonprofit organizations receive a 25% discount.

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25% Discount on your first project!

Contact EMDC for an initital consultation, and if you sign a new contract, you'll receive a 25% discount on your design service fees.