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Logo design for most clients includes a symbol, icon or emblem that represents their company. Sometimes the logo (mark) is combined with type (logotype - almost always the company or product's name). Sometimes the name itself is the logo (think Coca-Cola or IBM). In addition, symbols or icons, if used over an extended period of time, can be used seperately, and eventually become associated with that company (think of the Nike "swoosh", or the AT&T globe). Color, font style, the use of characters or symbols are all considerations. In addition, some companies need to be concerned with international uses, and how a symbol might be perceived in another culture.

Logos also need to be designed with a variety of uses, from stationery to web sites to signage and clothing. Multi-color and single-color versions are often needed to satisfy this need.

Please contact us for a logo consultation, we're happy to customize a special grouping of samples for you.